7 Real-Life Subway Horror Stories as Told by Real New Yorkers

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7 Real-Life Subway Horror Stories as Told by Real New Yorkers
As if the NY subway wasn’t enough of a horror show – Reddit users came together to share some of the weird, scary and downright disturbing things that they’ve witnessed on the NY Subway. Here are the cream of the crop.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Only in New York.” We’re thinking we need a category of that phrase specifically dedicated to the subway. Some of the stories you are about to read are disturbing, you have been warned.

TL;DR: A man shaved his arms an licked off the hair


Somewhere on the 4/5/6. A relatively normal-looking dude sat down at the very end of the car. He pulled out a battery-operated shaver and began to shave his arms. Every so often, he would pause, lick the shaved hair off his arm, and wash it down with a bottle of water. – theytookthemall

A guy picking his foot skin to the bone… gross.


Worst for me was watching a man literally peel off dead chunks of grey flesh off his feet. His foot had this yellowish bulb exposed which I can only assume was his ankle bone. Seeing that sh*t woke me the fuck up more than my dunkin’ coffee. – dysgraphical

TL;DR: A guy with zero consideration for hygiene licks EVERYTHING


Not super disturbing but pretty disgusting. Watched a guy lick his fingers, then proceed to use his palms to wash the windows on the train door. Then he licks his hands clean, the wipes the bottoms of his shoes. Licks them clean again, and runs his fingers through his greasy hair. And then he went over to the other side and started washing the window again. – treskro

Mr and Mrs Ziggy

My sis once met a very nice, weird lady on the 7 making out with her pet turtle named ‘Ziggy’ – Tenniscoat

Here’s a picture of Ziggy and his lover from the above post:


Tenniscoat | Reddit
TL; DR: F.U. for no particular reason – a guy assaults the commenter without cause


A (very large) homeless man kicked me as hard as he possibly could as I tried to walk off the L the other week. I had headphones in and hadn’t even looked at him the entire trip, as he had been sitting (maybe sleeping?) quietly the entire ride. The car was packed. I’m just an average-sized woman. No idea why he chose me to assault, but it was targeted and pretty painful, so that was disturbing. – nutmeagh

A Disturbing, crazy rant by a knife-wielding woman

For a while, there was a crazy woman riding the 2 and 3 trains who would freak out, pull a knife, and wave it around while screaming things like “I WANT TO CUT OFF MY MOTHER’S BREASTS!”. – Ps7n9FLUJoDm

Here’s a video the user included with the post (Warning: Strong language):

TL;DR: Creepy woman screams “YOOUUUUU!” and chases a man off the train


I remember once I was in a crowded car with some woman who had very long nails and was scratching the side of the car and muttering to herself. Seemed kinda weird but I didn’t think twice about it until she suddenly pointed and a man sitting across from her and screamed “YOOUUUUU!” at him. He looked really scared (understandably) and she stood up and started yelling about how she’d kill him and she would curse him. He slipped off the train at Delancey-Essex and she ran screaming after him (there were police in the station) leaving a cart with her belongings on the train. That was spooky. – wackrapconcarne

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