The 65 Best Cheap Eats in NYC List Will Save you Time And Money

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The 65 Best Cheap Eats in NYC List Will Save you Time And Money

A Reddit user compiled a list of the 65 best eateries with the highest reviews on Yelp and Google. The list is unbelievably comprehensive, get ready for an NYC food tour that won’t hurt your wallet. 

Nobody can argue that New York City is home to some of the best restaurants, pop-ups and fast food the world has to offer. Around almost every corner is an opportunity to experience gastronomy from around the world. Sadly a lot of those places fall outside of the average New Yorkers budget. So, what do you do when you want a good meal without having to sell a kidney? Well, you troll Google and Yelp for the best rating to price ratio, then whittle down the list until you get to to the place you want/can afford. Yeah, you aren’t alone, it’s what we all do.

Now imagine a world where all the hard work was done for you. A comprehensive list of the best affordable restaurants in the city. Enter Reddit user magicroot75.

magicroot75 isn’t a New Yorker, but a foodie with the luxury of being able to make weekend trips into the city to scratch his culinary itch. In his own words:

 I basically take the whole day Saturday and walk around eating the best cheap eats (I can find) in Manhattan (and Williamsburg) based on copious amounts of data gathered from Yelp and Google.

He’s not kidding when he says “copious amounts of data” either. The list he compiles separates his data into, neighborhood, type of food, Yelp & Google links, reviews, and rating. In short. You need this list in your life. Here’s the Google Sheet of all 65 places, and we’ll share his top 10 here, but his list is MUCH more detailed:

Cheap Eats Neighborhood Type Aggregated Score Total
Fat Cat Kitchen Gramercy Sandwiches 5 40
Non Solo Piada Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West Italian 4.98 99
Express Thali East Village Indian 4.91 34
Clinton Square Pizza Lower East Side Pizza 4.67 93
Tramezzini NYC Lower East Side Sandwiches 4.64 40
Mr. Panzerotto Greenwich Village Italian 4.64 64
Cafe Patoro South Street Seaport Bakeries 4.62 134
Cafe Panino Mucho Giusto West Village Bagels 4.61 117
Blue CoCo East Harlem Salad 4.6 34
Scarrs Pizza Lower East Side, Chinatown Pizza 4.59 129

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