The 6 Types Of Passive-Aggressive New Yorker And How To Spot Them

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The 6 Types Of Passive-Aggressive New Yorker And How To Spot Them

A cursory glance around the sidewalks of NYC will tell you that NYers aren’t to be messed with. …but sometimes we just don’t have the time to stop and chew you out. In those cases, we have to make do with some good old fashioned passive-aggression. There are those, of course, who use passive aggression as their go-to form of physical confrontation, call it the “westcoastification” of the East-Coast if you will. We’re looking at you, Brooklyn.

(I bet you just rolled your eyes reading that last line)

Whether it’s on the subway, trying to avoid the hordes of tourists, or getting a drink in a crowded bar, you’re bound to recognize these 5 passive aggressive characters in NYC.

1. The Eye Roller


We’re all guilty of a fair few intense eye rolling sessions, but there’s always that one person that takes it that one step too far. You know, the one whose eyes could go all the way back into their head because this is clearly their only form of confrontation.

2. The Head-Shaker (including audible sigh)


Here’s an idea, let’s gather all the city’s head-shakers and sighers in Times Square, hook them up to a generator, then let the tourists in. Renewable energy right there; certainly enough to power all those massive LED screens.

For bonus power, we could set up wind turbines and harness the power of those deep desperate sighs as the tourists walk slowly, three deep, fixated on all the pretty lights.

3. The Sign Writer

Passive Aggressive Notes: NYC Elevator Edition

For these budding Shakespeares, the written word is the choice of communication in their passive-aggressive war on the city. Just check out the note above found in an NYC elevator.

4. The Arm Crosser 



Nothing like someone’s mom when you don’t want to clean your room to make a point, huh. The body language say’s “I’m pissed”, the face conveys shock, and the whole thing put together is about as intimidating as an angry Chiwawa.

5. The Facepalmers 


Nothing says “You, Sir, are a dumbass”, quite like a face palm… of course in the process YOU look like a dumbass too… so someone facepalms at YOU! All of a sudden the whole city is in an endless dumbass-facepalm cycle and Trump sends in the National Guard …nobody wants that, you have been warned.

6. The Non-contact Aggressive


oooh, nothing says I’m a badass quite like waving your arms around and throwing sh*t. …oh wait …yeah, literally, ANYTHING is more badass than that. These people have the emotional maturity of a petulant 2-year-old, grow up.

Featured Image Post [Flickr | Paul Downey]

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