6 Best Matzo Ball Soups In New York City

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6 Best Matzo Ball Soups In New York City
Matzo ball soup—the epitome of comfort food.

This classic dish can be as hearty or as light as you’d like, but regardless of how it’s made it’s certainly a staple at many Jewish delis and diners around the city. While they all may look the same the flavors can differ plenty. The texture of the matzo ball itself has to be perfectly spongy, and the broth rich and savory. With passover coming up it’s only fitting to take a look this week at some of the exceptional matzo ball soups made around the city. Whenever you’re craving a flavorful matzo ball soup, check out our 6 favorite bowls in the city below. [We’ve also included a map at the bottom with more amazing selections for easier viewing.]

2nd Avenue Deli

Where: 162 East 33rd Street (Multiple Locations)

2nd Avenue Deli deserves to be on every “best matzo ball soup” list out there. When you order the dish you can choose to have your matzo ball, carrots and broth accompanied by your choice of noodles, rice, or kasha. Here, the soup goes by the name of “Jewish Penicillin.”

B&H Dairy

Where: 127 2nd Avenue

This kosher East Village deli has been around since the 1940s, and still serves up some of the best vegetarian dishes in the area—particularly their matzo ball soup. This meatless dish has a lighter feel to it but is still very flavorful.

Frankel’s Delicatessen

Where: 631 Manhattan Avenue (Brooklyn)

The savory matzo ball soup from Frankel’s Deli is rich in taste and texture. For those who prefer more matzo ball to broth, this is the spot for you with a large serving that takes up much of the bowl.

Russ & Daughters

Where: 127 Orchard Street (Multiple Locations) 

The amazing matzo ball soup at Russ & Daughters is made to perfection. The classic dish is made with bits of both light and dark meats along with chopped carrots and a sizable matzo ball.

Sarge’s Delicatessen & Diner

Where: 548 3rd Avenue

If you’re looking for a no-frills matzo ball soup, head to Sarge’s. Their version of the dish is simple and goes back to the basics, but the one fun difference about this diner that sets it apart is the ability to add a matzo ball to some of the other soup items on the menu!


Where: 144 2nd Avenue 

Veselka’s matzo ball soup comes with a flavorful broth and a substantial helping of matzo ball. The dish is one that holds up in flavor when you get it delivered, too (which is rare when it comes to soup deliveries). Not to mention, you can get these at any hour of the day so those cravings can always be met.

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