How LokaTrain Is Seriously Working Up A Sweat In Your Neighbourhood!

Georgina Jones Georgina Jones

How LokaTrain Is Seriously Working Up A Sweat In Your Neighbourhood!

The temperatures are picking up, summer is fast approaching and we’re starting to think about getting our sweat on. Here at Secret NYC we’ve been a little guilty of extending our winter indulging, but now that spring is in the air, we’re beginning to get re-motivated! And we’ve found an app that’s seriously innovating our workouts – LokaTrain.


LokaTrain lets you find the best personal trainers and group workouts in your neighbourhood. Your search results are completely tailored to your profile, location and fitness goals. So whether you want to build muscle, lose weight or simply get moving, you can browse the wide selection of top trainers near you and message them directly.

This NYC-based startup launched 3 months ago and has already got a vast selection of trainers signed up to the app and ready to get you moving in 19 countries!


Not only does LokaTrain provide you with great local choice and flexible workouts that can fit around your lifestyle, but it gives you a chance to try out new training methods. Plus, you don’t need to pay for extortionate monthly gym memberships. Trainers list the price of sessions upfront – there are no hidden costs and some even offer free ‘test drive’ sessions!

One session we’re seriously working a sweat up for is brought to us by fitness athlete and cover model, Attila Toth. He’s running a workout like no other, exclusive to LokaTrain, at 2pm on 26th March. (And he’s clearly doing something right…!)


You can download LokaTrain for free on your iPhone or Android and start having a look at the best workouts near you, today!

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