5 Types Of New Yorkers You Should Avoid Like The Plague

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

5 Types Of New Yorkers You Should Avoid Like The Plague

There are all types of people in this city…and certain types are more tolerable than others. Here are the types you should always avoid:


1. The all-nighter every-nighters

party all night

The people who go out and party every single night until 6am. They’re either robots who can function without sleep and proper hydration, or they’re trust fund babies who can afford to sleep all day and party all night. Either way, you don’t want anything to do with them.


2. The socialites/promoters


If you do meet one of these people, you might be tempted to befriend them because they’ll introduce you to Beyonce or some other famous person, but they’re probably just puffing themselves up, and if you get sucked in you’ll become a part of their marketing scheme.


3. Consultants, investment bankers, and any other “finance” people

investment banker

They might be perfectly nice, but they never have any free time. They brag about their salaries but they only get paid that much because they’re being forced to work 60 hour weeks. If you try to hang out with them they will always cancel on you.


4. The starving artists


At the same time, you want to stay away from the people who are trying to survive on selling paintings or booking gigs in grungy basement bars. They live somewhere in Brooklyn in apartments where the paint is peeling and the toilet is permanently broken, and sooner or later they’re bound to start hitting you up for money.


5. The juicers


Not people using steroids (though you should probably avoid those too)—people who actually live on a diet of at least 50 percent juice. If you want to grab a bite to eat with them, they will insist you go to a juice bar or a vegan restaurant. Pretty soon they’ll probably just turn into a puddle of liquid.


Cover photo credit: Timothy Krause/Flickr

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