5 Places Where You Can Get A Great Deal On Beer

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

5 Places Where You Can Get A Great Deal On Beer


Today is International Beer Day, and that’s definitely something to celebrate. But who says the celebration can only be one day long? We put together a list of events this month where you can get a deal on your favorite brew.


1. Hudson Terrace Happy Hour

[Hudson Terrace]
[Hudson Terrace]
Hudson Terrace is one of the best rooftop bars in the city, and if you want to celebrate tonight, you can get a free beer! All you have to do is download the Fever app and join the list for this event. Can’t go tonight? No worries. This deal runs weekly.


2. A Brief History of Beer

[Time Out]
[Time Out]
You’ll have to wait until the very end of August to go to this one, so mark it in your calendar because it’s totally worth it. This hilarious play is fully drinker-active—definitely a must-see for beer lovers.


3. Authentic Speakeasy at Charley’s


At this party on Monday, you can travel back in time to the 1920s, when speakeasies were the place to celebrate all things alcohol. Your ticket to this event includes an open bar which serves beer and wine, so it’s definitely worth the price.


4. Sunday VIP Brunch Party

[Phoenix New Times]
Hudson Terrace is also hosting a brunch party on Sunday afternoon, and this time the deal includes VIP access, hors d’oeuvres, and most importantly, an open bar. Your ticket is your chance to sample their whole selection of craft beers.


5. Governors Island Music and Seafood Party

[Visit Philly]
[Visit Philly]
Okay, you’re mostly going to this one for the seafood. But they will also have some delicious craft beers, and if you buy a ticket on Fever, you can get a drink for free! The music and the location are great too—Bob Marley tribute band on the sandy beach.


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