5 Places in NYC Perfect for Geeking Out

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5 Places in NYC Perfect for Geeking Out

New York is full of geeks. We’ve got Comic Con every year, bars that revolve around video games, and meet up groups that play Dungeons and Dragons all day. We wear our fandoms with pride. If you’re looking to let out your inner geek on the regular, these are the best place to go.



What once was only a small bar in Williamsburg has expanded to 3 locations in New York. Barcade has a spot on St. Marks and on 23rd street in Chelsea, as well as their original location, and it’s exactly as it sounds. It’s bar and it’s an arcade; and the arcade selection is awesome. Each location gears a little bit to a different era and style of game; if you’re looking for the classics of the late 70s and early to mid 80s, Williamsburg is your jam. If you want more 90s nostalgia, St. Marks is the spot. And if you want something in between, 23rd street has you covered.

The Uncommons 


Located just south of Washington Square Park, The Uncommons totes themselves as a “Board Game Club.” Bring your own tabletop game or play one of the dozens they have in their library, and enjoy a sandwich and hot drink along with it. Sometimes the place is packed with NYU students but if you can catch it mid day or during school break, it’s much more manageable.

Midtown Comics


Comic books are the epitome of geek culture; it’s where all of those summer blockbusters every year are derived from. Midtown Comics has established itself as one of the most well known comic book shops in the city. They have two locations, one near Time Square and one near Grand Central and they are a wonderland of comics, collectibles and graphic novels.

Forbidden Planet


Speaking of geeky wonderland, there’s another awesome spot for endless statues and collectibles you don’t need but want; Forbidden Planet. They are geared more to statues, figurines and other comic book and television merchandise, but do sell books as well. Down by Union Square, it’s a great shop to pop into even if you don’t need anything… but you might walk out with something anyway.

Video Games New York


A true gamer’s paradise, Video Game New York has everything and anything one would need, from new releases to that old Gameboy Color game you couldn’t seem to find anywhere else. Their collection of systems and games throughout the decades is impressive, and it is all up for purchase. It’s nostalgia heaven.

Featured image source: Instagram / @Barcade 

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