5 NYC Restaurants Have Earned The Highest Michelin Rating For 2019

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5 NYC Restaurants Have Earned The Highest Michelin Rating For 2019
New York is known for its high quality eats, and this year, five restaurants have earned the highest Michelin rating that a restaurant can get. 2019 has been a stellar year for Michelin ratings in NYC with a total of 75 overall ratings given out. The following five restaurants have been ranked with the maximum of three Michelin stars.
1.The Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare


The menu at The Chef’s Table is inspired by “Japanese cuisine using a French technique”. The whole tasting takes about two and a half hours and focused on seafood and shellfish. The experience can be yours for a whopping $384.36 per head, before tax and tip.

Address: 431 West 37th Street inside the Brooklyn Fare Market

More info: their website.

2. Eleven Madison Park


Eleven Madison Park is located right across from Madison Square Park and offers an eight to ten course menu in the main dining room. However they also offer an abbreviated version of the tasting menu at the bar.

Address: 11 Madison Avenue

More info: their website.

3. Masa


Masa is a Japanese sushi experience. The price for dinner is $595 per person, not including beverages and tax and the meal lasts about two hours. According to their website, gratuities are not expected or accepted at Masa because according to Japanese custom, exceptional hospitality is an integral part of the dining experience and is provided to every guest.

Address: 10 Columbus Circle

More info: their website.

4. Per Se


Per Se is a French inspired three star Michelin restaurant open daily. They offer two tasting menus: a nine-course chef’s tasting menu, and a nine-course vegetable tasting menu. No single ingredient is ever repeated throughout the meal.

Address: 10 Columbus Circle at 60th Street

More info: their website.

5. Le Bernardin


Le Bernardin opened in New York in 1986 and has been ranked by Michelin since 2005. For those of you looking to experience a Michelin stared restaurant but are scared by the price tag, Le Bernardin offers a 3 course Prix Fixe lunch menu for $90 in addition to their 4 course dinner coming in at $160. If you’re really looking for something fancy you can upgrade to the Chef’s Tasting menu.

Address: 155 West 51st Street

More info: their website.

Featured image: mumblesnyc.com

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