5 Mistakes New Yorkers Make When its Hot Out

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

5 Mistakes New Yorkers Make When its Hot Out

August has reared its hot, humid, ugly head and man, do New Yorkers still make the worst mistakes when it’s hot out. You’d think after so many years of crazy hot summers, they’d realize. But no, there’s always that group that seems to muck it up each and every summer with
the same mistakes, again and again.

1. Not Wearing (Enough) Deodorant


Look, it’s rough out there. Even the mildest sweaters are going to need to reapply their Secret or Old Spice midday. If you aren’t carrying a small travel size deodorant with you or even worse, didn’t put enough on before you left your house? You are ruining your own day and everybody else’s.

2. Installing the A.C. Too Late


There’s a delicate time period when installing the A.C. is just right. Too early, and you’re probably killing your electricity bill when you don’t need to. But too late and you are making a fatal mistake, pal. Now you’re probably rushing to get that thing in your window and it’s heavy, you’re hot, and you’ve just lost the opportunity of a cool summer with just a couple of weeks to go.

3. Wearing Rainboots During a Thunderstorm


Yes, it makes sense at the time. It’s a downpour out, so put on the rain boots! But you are going to regret it later if they are all you’ve got and now you’re sweating in two plastic buckets you’ve strapped to your legs. Do away with rain boots and go with sandals. Your bare skin with dry, promise.

4. Choosing the Empty Subway Car


What are you doing? You know it’s too good to be true. You know it’s a ball of hot hellfire in that car. Don’t trust it, not even once.

5. Biking to Work


Normally a great way to commute, don’t even bother when you’re hitting that 100 degrees real feel temperature. You will feel gross, your coworkers will think you’re gross, and you will regret even bothering to shower that morning.

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