5 Beautiful NYC Milkshakes That are Also Delicious

There will always be a new trend or fad in the food world, but there is something incredibly comforting about a classic milkshake.

Restaurants with amazing milkshakes have stepped it up a notch to include lovely decorative (and edible) presentations for their frozen treats. Perfect for photos with definite Instagram potential. We’re certain that you’ve seen at least one of these crafty shakes on several social media platforms.

Brooklyn Diner

Brooklyn Diner serves up classic shakes that are consistently delicious. The presentation of these shakes are not as over-the-top as some of the others on this list, but you can tell the people making them take their time.  When you order these you’ll feel like you just stepped into the 50’s.

Black Tap

The famous Black Tap. If you haven’t already heard of their shakes then you must live under a rock. NYC residents and tourists from around the world will wait in crazy long lines for hours just to try one of these sky-high concoctions. They’re delicious. With that said, you’ll want to save room for their amazing burgers so definitely share a shake. But we totally understand if you go overboard your first time. We won’t judge.

Big Daddy’s

This retro diner has mouthwatering American classics, which naturally means they have incredible milkshakes. You can order from a long list of options from a Creamsicle milkshake to Birthday Cake Shake, and even a Bacon Milky Way (which does have bacon in it). What more can you ask for? Oh, right, maybe the Key Lime Pie shake? So good.

Bun’s Bar

Complete absurdity, but so worth it on various fronts. First of all, immediate photo op (of course). Then, the shake itself is amazing. Once you’ve eaten all the decorative bits you’ll be either be full already or have such a sugar rush that you won’t be able to finish the shake without some help. So split these, too, if possible.

New Territories

While this ice cream shop only has one milkshake on the menu, the elaborate presentation is done tastefully and the the shake is, well, tasty. The milkshake is called Unicorn Parade (we already see the trend potential). It comes in a mason jar mug rimmed with chocolate and sprinkles, filled with vanilla bean ice cream, ube, and topped with pocky sticks, whipped cream, a marshmallow, and then dusted in fruity pebbles. New Territories also make sweet and equally trendy bubble waffles out ube and black ash (activated charcoal) that come filled with amazing ice cream flavors crazy toppings such as animal crackers and banana chips.

Featured image source [Facebook/Black Tap]. 

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