5 Amazing Things-To-Do In NYC This Week

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5 Amazing Things-To-Do In NYC This Week

Even as the days get shorter, in NYC the party is always turned up to 11. This week we’re highlighting some sexy, boozy and just plain rock-and-roll events coming to our fair city. Check them out:

Fireman Singles Party
  • Hudson Station NYC – 440 9th Avenue, 10001
  • Tuesday, September 27,  7pm – 9pm
  • Price – $25

Let’s be honest, finding a man in the city isn’t all that hard …the tricky thing is finding a good man. If you’re looking for someone heroic, brave and hot , then look no further. The cities hottest single firemen and EMS providers are hosted for this unique singles party. Complimentary appetizers and icebreakers give way to dancing and flirting later in the evening. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the man, or woman if you’re a fireman, of your dreams.

The Growlers
  • Webster Hall – 125 E 11th St, Manhattan, 10003
  • Friday, September 30th at 8pm
  • Price – $27

Country, surf, pop, and rock is the unique mix that make The Growlers something really special. The band has a distinct flavor of the Californian rock of the late ’60’s, creating a unique genre that they call “Beach Goth.” It’s definitely not your dad’s rock band. Come listen to the unique style of The Growlers at Webster Hall!

Drunk Shakespeare
  • Drunk Shakespeare – 300 W 43rd St, 10036
  • Wednesday 28th to Saturday, October 1st from 7:30 pm until 9:30 pm
  • Price – $29

The premise is simple; after five shots of whiskey, each actor transforms a Shakespeare play into a raucous, revolutionary, and jaw dropping-performance full of linguistic agility and expert storytelling. Shakespeare on the rocks anyone?

All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees & Beyond
  • The Hall at MP – 470 Driggs Avenue, 11211
  • Saturday, October 1st from 7:30 pm until 9:30 pm
  • Price – $7.50

If Disco had a baby with 80’s hair metal the result would be something that looks and sounds a lot like Tragedy. In researching what to write in this section I’ve genuinely gotten a little hooked on their sound. Tragedy’s first album: We Rock Sweet Balls and Can Do No Wrong, was a collection of Bee Gees songs turned up to 11. Since then, they have crisscrossed the globe with their spectacular live shows and have stormed across the USA, UK, Germany and Switzerland. DON’T MISS THIS SHOW!


Guilty Pleasures Cabaret

  • The Duplex – 61 Christopher Street, Manhattan, 10014
  • Friday, September 30 – 9:00pm
  • Price: $15

Guilty Pleasures is filled with sultry charm and feminine energy that brings out the classic side of the cabaret experience, making for an extravaganza in which “Great Gatsby meets Mad Men meets Beyoncé.”

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