Free Your Mind At This Fluorescent 3D Musical Experience Coming To NYC

Justine Golata Justine Golata

Free Your Mind At This Fluorescent 3D Musical Experience Coming To NYC

Relax your mind at this magical, musical wonderland!

It’s easy to let your mind run rampant with thoughts, and at times, it’s hard to break out of that exhausting cycle of overthinking. But it’s time to put your mind at rest with this alleviating new art experience coming to NYC!

The Art Continuum Experience (A.C.E) popping up in lower Manhattan, takes visitors on a personal journey that explores the concept of overthinking through the work of groundbreaking artist D. Borkel. Discover how to escape inhibiting thoughts that only weigh you down and be uplifted through music’s cathartic powers!

Put on your 3D glasses and travel through seven interactive rooms in this colorful, pop-art walk-through that is sure to be extraordinary.

Take your time in the room of thought bubbles, as you allow the clouds of common thoughts to come and go. Wind through a cabled hallway and enter into “Nowhereville” where you’ll learn about love and emotion behind music.

Celebrate musicians that have exposed their soul through music in the forest of broken instruments where lost musical souls remain.

Pay homage to musical legends in the “Rock In Peace” series designed after the birthplace of punk, NYC’s CBGB club, and celebrate the dreams each musician had chased in a glowing, ghostly commemoration. You’ll even be able to check out CBGB’s infamous bathroom upon exiting the experience.

The unforgettableĀ pop-up is open to the public Tuesdays through Sundays 2pm – 11pm.

Grab your tickets now to begin your journey!

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