$38 a Pie? Find Out Why This is the Most Exclusive Pizza in NYC

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$38 a Pie? Find Out Why This is the Most Exclusive Pizza in NYC

There’s a pizza shop in Midtown that sells a $38 pizza. For that price it would have to be something really special, right? Here’s everything you need to know about the most exclusive pie in NYC. 

Every New Yorker knows a good pie when it’s put in front of them, but why pay over $6 dollars a slice when you can get one for a dollar? Sofia Pizza Shoppe has the answer.

The news about this Midtown pizzeria broke in a story by The Times, but what makes this pizza so exclusive? Firstly, you need an online ticket purchase to get the pie, secondly, it’s only available only a few nights a week, and finally, there are only a limited number of seatings on the nights it is on offer.

But is it worth the money? The pizza, the DoughDici, has been compared to a soufflé thanks to the fluffy light texture, the Times describes it like this:

“a two-inch-tall, puffy-crust pizza with a crisp edge and a blanket of red sauce, fresh mozzarella and grated cheeses.”

So how do Sofia Pizza Shoppe achieve that level of pizza-perfection? Simply put, the secret is in the dough, it is cold fermented for three days. now unless you’re a pizza maker “cold fermentation” might mean nothing to you. The warmer the dough is during the fermentation process, the faster the yeast multiply and produce carbon dioxide. Retarding a dough is placing it in a cold environment after it’s mixed to slow down the activity of the yeast. At refrigerator temperatures, yeast behaves differently, greatly improving the texture and producing more of the desirable flavor compounds and fewer of the sour ones.

Once the DoughDici dough has “cold fermented” it is left to rise in a pan lined with organic Sicilian olive oil with 4 kinds of grated cheese for a further 12 hours… maybe $38 isn’t too steep a price after all.
Featured image source [sofiapizzashoppe | Instagram]


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