29Rooms is Back for New York Fashion Week

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

29Rooms is Back for New York Fashion Week
For the past several years Refinery 29 has created a dreamlike exhibit during New York Fashion Week called 29Rooms.

Because of its continued success they’re back again this year with another wonderfully imaginative experience.Refinery 29 calls it “an interactive funhouse of style, culture, and technology, brought to life by a group of global artists and visionaries across mediums.”

It takes place in Williamsburg and is a magical escape from reality. As you make you way through the rooms you’ll discover how different each is from the last, as if the doors are just portals to different worlds. Previous years featured rooms like the one filled with black, white, and panda balloons…

The RuPaul room…

A room with blue walls and cloud installations hanging from the ceiling…

another with old home phone hanging by their long cords from the ceiling…

And way more.


The entire exhibit it riddled with fabulous photo ops.


Considering the event takes place during NYFW, it makes sense that several celebrities made an appearance at this stylish funhouse, including Solange and Adrian Grenier.

Although the event is currently sold out, you can still win free tickets by signing up on the 29Rooms website. If you can’t make the September dates (8th-11th) there’s an opportunity to see the exhibit again in December! The catch? It’ll in Los Angeles. But if you can turn it into a little vacation, why not?

Featured image source [R29 Creative]