27 Times New Yorkers Won The Internet

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27 Times New Yorkers Won The Internet
Where you ever in doubt that New Yorkers were the funniest people on the planet? Ok, let us help you out, here are 27 times we won the internet with our winning sense of humor.

There is something in the air in New York. It’s like all the worlds crazy came together to make one of the most vibrant, and sometimes just plain nuts, communities the world has ever seen. Weather you love or hate New York, there’s no denying it’s originality. Here is a collection of the most “only in New York” moments that, hands down, won the internet.

Some of them are funny, some confusing, and some inspiring… doesn’t that sum up our city quite nicely? Here they are, enjoy:

1. This woman has seen some ?

2. If he fits, he sits

3. We see what you did there

4. This Barista doesn’t have time for you to remember your name

5. Trumps dark secret?

6. This place doesn’t care about your yelp opinion

7. Stay strong, Sal

8. …like waffles and what now?

9. This sign on Brooklyn Bridge

10. This bar gets it

11. This person has important work to do

12. When chalk isn’t enough

13. Better than cake

14. If you see something, tweet something!

15. This food cart’s priorities

16. This chicken is more “NYC” than you

17. This hamburger really has to walk it’s dog

18. We missed this part of the bible

19. No love for your window unit?

20. A worthy cause

21. “Probably”

22. This subway prankster speaks for all of us

23. When you love dental hygene as much as Hanukkah

24. When you need to advertise your sign hanging business

25. it’s got to be out there somewhere

26. We wont judge

27. I’m late for pie and lattes

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