$250 Million Floating Park Plan Gets a Second Chance

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$250 Million Floating Park Plan Gets a Second Chance
The $250 million Floating Park plan for Pier 55 is back in motion!

The plan ran into some financial issues early on after lawsuits against the pier were adding to its (already high) cost. In September it was reported that billionaire Barry Diller was calling it quits on the project—but it now has a second chance! 

With the help of Governor Cuomo, the plan for this floating park will no longer be targeted by lawsuits from the City Club of New York and developer Douglas Durst. 

City Club member, Richard Emery, said in a statement that the “historic commitment by Governor Cuomo to finish the Park and protect the Estuary is a great victory for park users and all New Yorkers.”

The deal made by Cuomo assumes he will be re-elected. If so, he has promised to protect the estuary during development and finish fixing the Hudson River Park entirely. 

The undulating pier and performing arts center will again be designed by Thomas Heatherwick. Here are some image renderings of what the space will look like once completed. 

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Source for all story images and feature image: Pier 55 Inc.

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