25 Thoughts Every Single New Yorker Has On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is coming up, which means it’s time for all the single people to brood over their single-ness. Here are 25 thoughts every single New Yorker has on Valentine’s day:


1. It’s just an ordinary day. No big deal.

2. Maybe I’ll go out tonight and have a date with myself.

3. Let me just check Twitter…

4. *Sees all the Valentine’s Day Content*


5. Let me just check Facebook…

6. *Sees disgustingly cute pictures of friends in relationships*

7. I think I’ll stay away from social media today.

8. And I should probably avoid the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, and all other romantic locations.

dog going to bed

9. Maybe I’ll stay in tonight after all.

10. I haven’t tried that new Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream yet…

11. If I see any couples making out on the subway today I will smash their heads through the window.

12. And I will walk straight through all those hand-holding slow walking couples on the sidewalk.

angry gif

13. Where is the LOVE statue again? I need to make sure to avoid it.

14. Maybe I’ll meet someone cute at the coffee shop.

15. *Runs into ex at the coffee shop*

16. How does this keep happening in a city of 8 million people?

your ex

17. Tinder?

18. No, don’t do that.


19. No Netflix, I don’t want to watch a romantic comedy, thank you very much.

20. This documentary looks interesting.

21. This documentary is so boring…


22. Tinder?

23. Why are all my matches in Queens?!?!?

24. Maybe I should just join Match.com.

25. Lol just kidding I’m too broke for that.

drake laughing



Cover photo credit: Mith Huang/Flickr

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