25 Thoughts Every Single New Yorker Has On Valentine’s Day

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

25 Thoughts Every Single New Yorker Has On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is coming up, which means it’s time for all the single people to brood over their single-ness. Here are 25 thoughts every single New Yorker has on Valentine’s day:


1. It’s just an ordinary day. No big deal.

2. Maybe I’ll go out tonight and have a date with myself.

3. Let me just check Twitter…

4. *Sees all the Valentine’s Day Content*


5. Let me just check Facebook…

6. *Sees disgustingly cute pictures of friends in relationships*

7. I think I’ll stay away from social media today.

8. And I should probably avoid the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, and all other romantic locations.

dog going to bed

9. Maybe I’ll stay in tonight after all.

10. I haven’t tried that new Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream yet…

11. If I see any couples making out on the subway today I will smash their heads through the window.

12. And I will walk straight through all those hand-holding slow walking couples on the sidewalk.

angry gif

13. Where is the LOVE statue again? I need to make sure to avoid it.

14. Maybe I’ll meet someone cute at the coffee shop.

15. *Runs into ex at the coffee shop*

16. How does this keep happening in a city of 8 million people?

your ex

17. Tinder?

18. No, don’t do that.


19. No Netflix, I don’t want to watch a romantic comedy, thank you very much.

20. This documentary looks interesting.

21. This documentary is so boring…


22. Tinder?

23. Why are all my matches in Queens?!?!?

24. Maybe I should just join Match.com.

25. Lol just kidding I’m too broke for that.

drake laughing



Cover photo credit: Mith Huang/Flickr

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