25 Things Every New Yorker Does On A Snow Day

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

25 Things Every New Yorker Does On A Snow Day

New Yorkers love snow days—that is, before we get sick of the snow. Here are all the things every city-goer does when we get a blizzard:


1. Sleep in

2. Open the curtains and get back into bed

3. Watch the snow falling

[Several seconds/Flickr]
[Several seconds/Flickr]
4. Make breakfast at 1pm

5. Resolve to do nothing all day

6. Actually do nothing for an hour or two

7. Get restless and decide to take a walk

8. Put a sweater on your dog and take your dog with you

[Lyssa Erickson/Flickr]
[Lyssa Erickson/Flickr]
9. Walk around whatever park is closest to you

10. Take some Instagrams

11. Look at the Instagrams your friends are taking in different parks

[Marcos Vasconcelos/Flickr]
[Marcos Vasconcelos/Flickr]
12. Go home when you eventually get too cold

13. Do nothing

14. Have a cup of coffee/tea

15. Decide to order delivery

16. Cry because your favorite delivery place isn’t delivering


17. Settle for making dinner yourself

18. Eat dinner in bed

19. Netflix

20. Fall asleep thinking it was a good day

21. Wake up and go sledding

forest park sledding
[Atomische * Tom Giebel/Flickr]
22. Or build a snowman

23. Or have a snowball fight

24. Go home exhausted

25. Say you’re sick of the snow and can’t wait for winter to be over



Cover photo credit: Nealwei/Flickr

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