25 Things Every New Yorker Does On A Day Off

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

25 Things Every New Yorker Does On A Day Off

Weekends are always a welcome occasion in the city that never sleeps. Here are 17 things every New Yorker does on a day off:


1. Wake up at 7:30 because you forgot to turn your alarm off

2. Go back to sleep until about noon

3. Go to the deli and get an egg sandwich even though it’s not morning anymore

[Allison H.]
[Allison H.]
4. Decide not to shower because this is your day off

5. Read the news

6. Decide that the news is too depressing and you should do something else instead

7. Play with your dog/cat

play with cat

8. Read a book

9. Go for a run because you haven’t done that in a while

10. Decide that it’s too hot to run


11. Take a leisurely walk through the park

12. Take some Instagrams of the park

central park winter
[Alejandro Rdguez/Flickr]
13. Attempt to cook dinner because you haven’t done that in a while

14. Fail

15. Decide to order take-out instead

16. Cry because your favorite restaurant isn’t open

17. Settle for Chinese food

18. Treat yourself to some dessert, because it’s your day off and you deserve it

ice cream cartons

19. Netflix

20. Cry because your day off is almost over

21. Netflix

22. Tell yourself you have to go to bed because you have to work tomorrow

23. Netflix

24. Stay up too late because you woke up too late

25. Go to work the next day tired AF and hating the world

hate my life


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