$0.25 Martinis Are No Longer Available At Anton’s Due To ‘Obscure’ NY State Liquor Law

Justine Golata Justine Golata

$0.25 Martinis Are No Longer Available At Anton’s Due To ‘Obscure’ NY State Liquor Law

Up until January 21st, Anton’s in the West Village was offering an unbeatable deal, especially in NYC. Guests were able to purchase $0.25 martinis and manhattans during lunch hours if they had also purchased food.

However, the restaurant recently posted a statement on their Instagram sharing that the deal is unfortunately no longer available.

“Due to an obscure NY State liquor law, of which we were completely unaware, and for which we received no warning or notice, we can no longer offer 25 cent Martinis and Manhattans,” shared the post.

By mandate of the SLA, beginning next week and throughout the remainder of the month, Anton’s will instead be offering $9 martinis and manhattans during lunchtime. The post further shared that a NY State liquor law restricts liquor and wine being sold any lower than 50% of an establishment’s regular pricing, a ruling unbeknownst to Anton’s.

“Wish us luck as we battle through a pending SLA case…” shared Anton’s. “And pls don’t cancel your lunch reservations…laissez les bons temps rouler!”

And though the deal has come to an end, we send our support to the local restaurant and wish them all the best.

Find out more on their website or Instagram.

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