22 Things Every NYer Will Do When They Wake Up Hungover After St. Patrick’s Day

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22 Things Every NYer Will Do When They Wake Up Hungover After St. Patrick’s Day

How was your St. Patrick’s day? Yeah we can’t remember either. It’s all a blur of green and waking up this morning the sun is just too loud. We totally feel your pain. This pretty much will sum up our day, how about yours?

1. Wake up way too early for some bizarre reason

wake up

2. Go back to sleep until at least 1pm

baby falling asleep

3. Answer all unanswered texts so your friends know you’re alive

i'm alive

4. Tell them all you might not be able to make it tonight…

tina fey hungover

5. Drink water


6. Spend some time on the fire escape hoping the fresh air will ease the nausea

fire escape sitting

7. Resolve never to drink again

miss piggy no


8. Wonder where all the green sh*t in your apartment came from?


9. Decide you should eat something

hamster eating

10. Realize you have no food in your fridge

almost empty fridge

11. Contemplate whether you should walk to the Chinese place or get it delivered


12. Get it delivered, even though it’s only three blocks away

lazy gym

13. “What the hell did I drink/eat last night??? Why is my poop green????”


14. Resolve to spend the rest of your Saturday in your pajamas

play with cat

15. Go through your phone trying to remember what happened last night

hangover photos

16. Start to panic when you see texts/calls to/from your ex

freaking out

17. Text your best friend to make sure nothing weird happened

calm down

18. Order more hangover food


19. Drink more water

lazy cat drinking

20. Officially cancel your plans tonight

cancel plans

21. Aimlessly browse the Internet reading articles like this one

not working

21. Go to bed early

dog going to bed

Featured image source [Flickr | Kristina]

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