21 Thoughts We’ve All Had While Riding The Subway

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

21 Thoughts We’ve All Had While Riding The Subway


1. Where can I direct my gaze so that I’m not looking at anyone?

2. I hope this guy doesn’t think I’m staring at his crotch

3. Did someone just grab my butt?

4. It’s awfully cold in here…

cold gif

5. Is that guy staring at me, or am I imagining it?

6. I think he is, but to know for sure I’d have to stare back at him.

7. How many more stops until we get to mine?

8. I wonder what I’ll have for dinner tonight…

CRXP09 almost empty fridge

9. It seems like this train is going awfully fast

10. What if we crash? …Is that even possible?

11. If there was a natural disaster right now would we even notice?

12. I wonder if I have cell service right now.

social media

13. If it wasn’t taboo to talk to people on the subway I would totally hit on that guy.

14. I haven’t checked my Tinder matches in a while…

15. Am I late?

16. Someday I’m going to pole dance in an empty subway car.

17. Should I give my seat to that lady? She might be pregnant but I don’t want to assume…

18. It’s okay, that guy gave his seat and she didn’t look offended.

19. I’ll give up my seat next time.

20. DID I MISS MY STOP?!?! No we good.

21. I really need to stop daydreaming on the subway.


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