21 Things you should be doing to prepare for the nor’easter this weekend

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

21 Things you should be doing to prepare for the nor’easter this weekend

There’s a nor’easter headed our way this weekend, which will bring us our first real snow this winter. If you’ve never experienced a nor’easter before, here’s everything you need to do to prepare for it:


1. Go to the store and stock up on food

2. But don’t buy too many perishable foods, in case the electricity goes out and your fridge doesn’t work

3. In fact, better eat all the food in your fridge now, just in case


4. Charge all electronic devices

5. But make sure you have non-electronic entertainment handy

6. Seriously, go to the library and check out a book

cat reading book

7. Or buy a deck of cards

8. Preemptively take out the garbage so you won’t have to go outside for any reason

9. Exercise, so you don’t feel guilty about doing nothing all weekend

10. Train your dog to go in a litter box

11. If you can’t train your dog to go in a litter box, train him to walk himself

dog in striped sweater
12. Go on Tinder and find a snow bunny

13. Inform your roommate that your snow bunny will be spending the weekend here

14. Buy wine


15. Make sure it’s red wine, in case your fridge doesn’t work

16. Make sure your roommate doesn’t drink the wine

17. Or, buy hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps

18. Tell your roommate that maybe you’ll share one cup of hot chocolate

19. If you have more than one roommate, forget about sharing

hillary no

20. Steal your roommate’s Snuggie

21. Snuggle up and wait for the winter wonderland

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[Anthony Quintano/Flickr]

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