21 Struggles Of Being An Introvert And Living In NYC

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

21 Struggles Of Being An Introvert And Living In NYC

It’s hard for us introverts sometimes…especially in this city.


1. You don’t have many connections in a city where connections are essential

2. So job searches are particularly difficult

3. And you don’t get invited to many parties

crying under desk

4. Or if you do get invited to parties, you don’t necessarily want to go to them

5. There are always too many people you don’t know

crowded penn station

6. You prefer to live alone, but you can’t afford it

7. Without the privacy you crave, you’re driven mad

8. Even if your roommates are reasonable people, they make you nuts


9 And if they’re unreasonable people, forget about it

10. They might have parties until 4am, in which case you’re really screwed

11. You can’t go to bed, but you have no energy to socialize

leah michelle crying

12. Going to bars can be hard too

13. You’re the first one ready to leave, but you don’t want to walk home alone

14. And at some places, last call is 5am

hugh jackman

15. You know you need to be assertive, but it’s hard

16. Sometimes people cut in front of you

17. Or squish you on the subway

seinfeld subway

18. You really don’t want to make small talk with the guy making your sandwich

19. Or the person with you in the elevator

20. Or anyone, really

21. You’re just not a people person…in a city with a lot of people

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Cover photo credit: Kazuko Oguma/Flickr

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