21 Stages Of A New York City Winter, As Told By Beyonce Gifs

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

21 Stages Of A New York City Winter, As Told By Beyonce Gifs

As we saw over the weekend, winter in NYC can be pretty rough. Here’s how Beyonce handles the cold season:


1. At first, the cold weather is a welcome change

beyonce cold

2. You’re excited to bundle up to go outside

beyonce coat

3. You’re excited for the holiday season

beyonce christmas

4. And you’re excited for all the tacky sweater parties

beyonce sweater

5. The first time it snows you’re like

beyonce yes

6. Then the snow melts and the city looks like this

when the snow melts

7. And no matter what, your feet get wet and cold

beyonce embarassed

8. Then the polar vortex comes and winter isn’t fun anymore

beyonce finger wag

9. Your radiator stops working and you just want to blow it up

beyonce explosion

10. Just the thought of going outside makes you be like

beyonce creepy


11. Your roommates ask “Whose turn is it to take the trash out?” and you’re like

beyonce pointing

12. It’s too cold to go out and run, so instead you do zumba in your living room

beyonce swoop

13. You think you look like this

beyonce slay

14. But you actually look like this

beyonce barefoot

15. You wish you could just hibernate like polar bears do

beyonce sleepy

16. But sooner or later you get stir crazy

beyonce smash

17. You go out into the winter wonderland like

beyonce star dust

18. Trying to get where you’re going as quickly as possible

beyonce strutting

19. You soon realize you’d rather just stay in

beyonce cooking

20. With your snow bunny

beyonce jz

21. Can’t it just be summer already?

beyonce beach

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