21 Reasons You Secretly Love NYC Rainy Days

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

21 Reasons You Secretly Love NYC Rainy Days


The city moans and groans when we have to get out our umbrellas, but for some of us, rainy days are the highlight of the month. Here are 21 reasons why rainy days in NYC are the absolute best:


1. Having the park all to yourself

2. A short line at your favorite food truck

3. Wearing your chic raincoat

4. Looking at the river when you take the subway across the Manhattan or Williamsburg Bridge

[Jeffrey Zeldman/Flickr]
[Jeffrey Zeldman/Flickr]
5. You have an excuse to order delivery

6. You have an excuse to stay in

7. Or you can browse indoor events on the Fever app

8. It’s a great day to go to a museum

9. Or to the library

[Julian Mason]
[Julian Mason]
10. The satisfaction of splashing in a puddle wearing rain boots

11. The satisfaction of changing into dry clothes at the end of the day

12. Not needing your sunglasses

13. All the great photo opps

NYC rainy days
14. You can run and not have to shower afterwards

15. You can offer to share your umbrella with the cute guy/gal who forgot theirs

16. Skyscrapers seem taller when you can’t see the top of them

NYC rainy days
17. The smell of rain cleanses that Manhattan burning garbage smell

18. The hope that the city might get a little cleaner

19. The soothing pitter patter sound on your window counteracts the stress-inducing police sirens

20. You miiiiiiiight get a break from the humidity

21. You might see a rainbow

[Young Sok Yun/Flickr]
[Young Sok Yun/Flickr]

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