21 Burning Questions Twitter has for New Yorkers

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21 Burning Questions Twitter has for New Yorkers

We get it. New Yorkers live by our own set of rules that can be hard for outsiders to understand. What’s completely normal here in the city can seem strange to the uninitiated. Here are 21 questions Twitter users have for New Yorkers.

You get what you pay for, buddy!

Because there’s no topping, duh!

Why would you want wet shoes in your apartment?

Because of reasons!

“Just Bagels”?? I suppose it’s “just oxygen” too right???

Is it our fault we have attractive dogs?

Think of “getting off the subway” as a competition. We need rules.

Because fashion-photography is a blood sport here.

Kale is good for you. Just eat it.

Time is money, man.

awww, so much naivety. “the train is coming regardless.” How little you know.

The same reason vegans need to tell you about it. It’s a pride thing.

They aren’t “shopping bags”, they’re “Urban Luggage”.

Because fear is for people with more time on their hands.

Because a drizzle can turn into a downpour in one second flat.

Because then the train gets crowded and we don’t want to have to fight in the hunger games to get onto the platform.

Because the are delicious! WTF!

…see above.

Because it can take as long to get downtown as to get to the west coast!(may be exagerating slightly)

Fizzy water is life.

We live in the coolest city on the planet… we want to look at it!

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