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17 Texts Every Twenty-Something New Yorker Has Sent On A Weekend

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

17 Texts Every Twenty-Something New Yorker Has Sent On A Weekend

Just another quintessential weekend in NYC.


1 “So there are three parties we could go to tonight. Or we could go to none and just chill on my roof.”

2. “Can you send me a picture of what you’re wearing? I don’t want to be underdressed, but I definitely don’t want to be overdressed.”

broad city wedding

3. “Sorry, I’m gonna be late. I got to the subway and realized I forgot my MetroCard.”

4. “Sorry, I’m gonna be late. The subway is majorly fucked tonight.”

5. “Okay, I’m coming from Brooklyn so I’ll be there in 45 minutes.”

6. “I’m on the bridge. Can you order me some nachos?”

7. “If you’re not here in 10 minutes we’re leaving without you.”

8. “Hey. Hope you’re not underground right now cause we decided to go uptown instead.”

9. “Where are you guys? I think I lost you somewhere on St. Mark’s.”

broad city st marks

10. “If I stop responding, it’s because I’m getting lucky with that guy I met at the club so don’t worry.”

11. “I can’t make it to brunch. I woke up in Bushwick and have to figure out how to get home.”

12. “I’m on the bridge. Can you order me the eggs Benedict? And a mimosa.”

13. “Can you spot me for brunch? I think I left my credit card at the bar last night.”

14. “Hey, are we still on for Smorgasburg?”

15. “Hey did I leave my pants at your place?”

[Joe Chahwan/Flickr]
[Joe Chahwan/Flickr]
16. “Hey, I borrowed Amanda’s phone. I lost mine again.”

17. “Sorry I missed brunch. I have the worst hangover of my life. I’m quitting drinking for real this time.”



Cover photo credit: FaceMePLS/Flickr