17-Year-Old Creates Manhattan Model Using Recycled Computer Parts

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midtown manhattan model
A young modern artist.

It took 17-year-old Zayd Menk  from Zimbabwe over 3 months to create a city out of recycled electronic parts for his art class.

The Midtown Manhattan model was created at a .0635:100 scale using 263 hot glue sticks, 11 CPUs, 27 motherboards,13 floppy disk readers, 15 batteries, 10 CRT motherboards, 4 audio cards, 4 watches, 3 graphics cards, 3 hard drives, and 2 clocks. Menk made this skyline using Google Maps and Wikipedia for informationon each building and to find out their heights.


The skyscrapers in this model light up through 4 micro LEDs, according to 6sqft.

He refers to his artwork as “recyclism” and plans to create more city skylines like this in the future.


featured image source: Instagram / zaydmenk