21 Things You Should Never Do In NYC

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

21 Things You Should Never Do In NYC

This is not an “anything goes” city. If you want to survive here, you should never do any of the following things:


1. Eat pizza from a chain restaurant

2. Try to give a cab driver directions

3. Walk over a sidewalk grate wearing a loose skirt (yes, it can happen)

skirt flying up

4. Text while walking on a busy sidewalk

5. Walk slowly on a busy sidewalk

6. While walking shoulder to shoulder with your slow walking friends

slow walking people

7. Try to make small talk on the subway

8. Or even make eye contact with anyone on the subway

9. Play your music so loud that everyone else on the subway can hear it

10. Eat smelly food on the subway

11. Eat anything on the subway that’s not a bag of chips or pretzels

[Richard Yeh / WNYC]
[Richard Yeh / WNYC]
12. Take the G train

13. Go farther east than Bushwick

14. Leave the bar without using the bathroom

gotta pee

15. Try to live with your ex to save money

16. Go anywhere near Rockefeller Center between November and January

17. Go to a museum on a Sunday afternoon

[Fiorenza Thompson/Flickr]
[Fiorenza Thompson/Flickr]
18. Go to the Statue of Liberty

19. Attempt to stalk celebrities

20. Wear flip flops

21. Forget to bring a plastic bag when you walk your dog




Cover photo credit: clement127/Flickr

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