17 Struggles That Every NYC Couple Understands

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

17 Struggles That Every NYC Couple Understands

Everyone knows that NYC is one of the most romantic cities. But being in a relationship in this city does come with challenges. Here are 17 struggles that every couple in New York City understands:


1. When you live 45 minutes (or more) away from each other

2. You argue about who’s going to whose place tonight

3. When you leave something important at their place and it will take an hour and a half to get it back

4. When your room is so small that you both have to sleep in a twin bed

twin bed gif

5. When you both have roommates and feel like you can never get any privacy

6. Or when you live together and your one bedroom apartment is waaaaay too small

7. You love each other but you need more personal space

beyonce personal space

8. Those weeks where your schedules do not line up at all

9. When you change your schedule to fit theirs, and then theirs changes


10. When you’re both free the same night but you each get invited to a different party

11. And the two partiesĀ are an hour away from each other


12. When you want to go out for a nice romantic dinner but neither of you can afford it

13. And forget about buying movie tickets for sixteen bucks a pop

14. When you get on the subway together and there’s only one open seat

[Runs With Scissors/Flickr]
[Runs With Scissors/Flickr]
15. When the subway is so crowded that you get separated

16. When you want to kiss but you know you’re being watched

17. When you’re just too in love to care

[Runs With Scissors/Flickr]
[Runs With Scissors/Flickr]

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