17 Reasons the South Bronx Legionnaires Outbreak Terrifies You

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17 Reasons the South Bronx Legionnaires Outbreak Terrifies You


1. There are now 108 reported cases of Legionnaires disease in the South Bronx

oitnb i'm scared

2. Ten people have died! Ten!

jim carry scared

3. You aren’t even totally sure what Legionnaires is.


4. Is it like Ebola? Because you only just got over that epidemic.

5. How do you catch it? If you’re in the same room as someone with Legionnaires, will you get it?

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6. Or does it spread through the water supply?

water supply

7. You’ve been to the South Bronx maybe twice in your life, but still—it can’t be that far away.


8. One of your roommates went to visit her aunt in the Bronx last week. Oh no…

shocked 2

9. She seems fine, but Legionnaires has an incubation period.


10. What if you already caught Legionnaires? But if you did, how will you know?


11. You go on WebMD to figure out the symptoms of Legionnaires disease, but we all know what WebMD does to you.

web md

12. You start sweating and feeling feverish just reading about the symptoms.


13. You think you probably have Legionnaires but you realize you don’t know what to do.

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14. You google what to do if you have Legionnaires disease. It says you should go to the doctor, but your doctor’s office is closed by now.

closed sign

15. This means you have to go to the ER, but then you’ll be sitting in a hospital full of other people with Legionnaires. If you don’t have it yet you’ll surely catch it.

sick people everywhere

16. You call your mom and ask her what to do. She tells you to stop being a hypochondriac. You tell her to stop minimizing.

mom i'm scared

17. You’re now reading this article which is reinforcing all of your paranoia. But all of your concerns should be alleviated by the next paragraph.


There is no need to panic about Legionnaires! The Legionella bacteria does live in water, but New York officials have checked the drinking water supply, the fountains and the pools and say all the water is A-okay. Also, most of the deaths from Legionnaires so far have been elderly people. The disease isn’t life-threatening to people with strong, healthy immune systems. Mayor De Blasio also recently said the outbreak has been contained.

Note: This article has been updated to reflect the most recent number of cases.

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