17 Moments When You Realize You’re a New Yorker

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

17 Moments When You Realize You’re a New Yorker

Maybe you’ve lived here your whole life. But most people in New York City are from somewhere else. You get here and you adapt to a different way of doing things. Here are those moments (which can sometimes be scary) when you realize you truly are a New Yorker:


1. You seriously consider the pros and cons of walking 25 blocks or paying $2.75 to take the subway.

2. You buy a two dollar slice of pizza for lunch the third day in a row and don’t feel guilty about it.

[Garrett Ziegler]
[Garrett Ziegler]
3. Your friend asks you if you want to go out tonight and you say yes even though it’s Monday.

4. Your friend asks if you want to go out tonight and you say yes even though you haven’t slept in two days.

5. You go home to visit your family and they ask you if something’s wrong because your RBF has gotten so good.

resting bitch face


6. You don’t even consult the subway map even though you’re in a part of town you’ve never been in before.

7. You sign up for your seventh discount food/clothes/ticket site.

8. You go to work wearing a nice business casual outfit, and sneakers.

wearing sneakers to work

9. It dawns on you that you don’t miss your car even the slightest bit.

10. You commit to do another thing this weekend, even though you already committed to 10 things.

11. You look around your bedroom which is the size of a closet and think, “Maybe I could fit a desk in here.”

[Max Touhey/Curbed New York]
[Max Touhey/Curbed New York]
12. You consider turning your living room into another bedroom for a third roommate.

13. You think nothing of casually walking 4 blocks with your large take-out pizza.

14. You “accidentally” push someone who got in your way when you were getting off the subway.

[Streets Blog]
[Streets Blog NYC]
15. You go to visit your friends in the suburbs and they keep telling you to stop walking so fast.

16. You walk right past the juggling, twerking, tambourine playing street performer because you’re running late and you know you’ll see another one tomorrow.

17. You think about living here forever and you don’t get scared—you smile.

[Humans of New York]
[Humans of New York]
featured Image source [Humans Of New York]

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