The Struggles Of Living In NYC, As Told By Cats

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

The Struggles Of Living In NYC, As Told By Cats

We feel you, kitties.


1. When you’re trying to fit all your stuff in your tiny apartment

trying to fit


2. When your building has no elevator and you’re on the 6th floor

cat climbing


3. When creepy strangers are trying to hit on you

creepy flirts


4. When you leave the bar because it’s way too crowded

cats in box


5. When you’re drunk and you need a cigarette

cat cigarette


6. When you’re hungover



7. When you’re sleep deprived

sleep deprived


8. When you haven’t had your coffee yet

coffee cat


9. When your roommates tell you they need the rent money early

rent money


10. When you’re running to make the subway train

cat running


11. When the subway doors close in front of you

subway cat 2


12. When someone falls asleep on you on the subway

baby sleeping on cat


13. When you try to cook and have no clue what you’re doing

cat in pot


14. When you find free food

cats food


15. When you find a cockroach in your apartment

cat cockroach


16. When you realize you’re in over your head

in over your head


17. When you’re just overwhelmed because there are way too many people in this city



Cover photo credit: Several seconds/Flickr

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