16 reasons why rainy days in NYC are awesome

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Rainy day in NYC

It happens every year. The sun starts poking it’s head out of the clouds, your cynicism about winter ever ending starts to fade and you take the first step in making springtime plans. Then bam! April showers rain on your parade and you’re left wondering what you’re going to do now on this wet weekend.

Clint Eastwood in the rain
But rainy days are awesome! Here’s why:

1. People will stab you in the face with their umbrellas and you’ll get a bad-ass scar

Umbrella finger
You’ll probably want to make up a better story as to how you got it.


2. You could go to the movies

Large popcorn
This is the perfect time to sit in a movie theatre with your besties or SO. Go whole hog with a large popcorn and make it a double bill; this rain ‘aint letting up anytime soon.


3. It’s a great opportunity to attend a French Macaron class

How’s your French Macaron skills coming along? Thought so.  Best brush up on that.


4. You can just stay at home – guilt-free!

Stay at home
You know that huge chunk of money that disappears from your bank account every month? That’s rent and it pays for the place you should probably get a bit more use out of. New York City can wait one weekend…


5. You look sophisticated as hell with that umbrella over your shoulder

Umbrella suave
Plus, you could walk around pretending it’s also a weapon like James Bond.


6. There’s books to be read at the New York Public Library

Baby reading
Remember libraries? It’s like Wikipedia but you have to get up and move around to find stuff.


7. Indoor flea market, concert and food festival combos exist and you could go

Rock n Shop NYC
Also, there’s free pancakes. (Thought that would do it). Get yourself to Rock n Shop @ The Paper Box, 17 Meadow Street.


8. Netflix and chill invitations have a higher chance of being accepted

Netflix and chill
Who’s gonna turn down an offer to Netflix and chill on a weekend like this?


9. Kissing in public becomes ten times more romantic

Kissing in the rain
We’ve seen it in movies so it must be true.


10. Ordering Deliveroo is not considered lazy

Eating on the couch
[NY Post]
New York City is nothing if not a mecca for eating out. But who cares; it’s raining. Order up some hot comfort food while the cold rain pours outside.


11. There are plays in NYC which involve drinking

The Imbible: A Spirited History Of Drinking NYC
You could go to see one of NYC’s world-famous Broadway productions. Or you could get drunk with these guys and learn a little something about cocktails. Or just watch these actors get drunk and do Shakespeare. Either way, you’re dry.


12. That Mary Poppins moment

Mary Poppins
You know, when you have to lift your umbrella up over the human traffic and the wind picks you up a little (make sure you land it).


13. Sharing an umbrella with your secret crush

Sharing an umbrella
[Deviant Art]
It’s moments like this when you have no doubt of the existence of God.


14. Someone will slip up in the street

Rain slip
And it will be hilarious


15. Tick “learning to Bhangra dance” off your bucket list

Bhangra NYC
It’s on the list, right? Well, that’s what rainy days are for! Get Bhangraing people!


16. There’s another excuse to go shopping

There’s probably a ton of other things you should be doing this weekend. But it’s raining and that’s a pretty good excuse for maxing out your credit cards. Right?


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