16 Awkward Situations New Yorkers Experience Daily

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16 Awkward Situations New Yorkers Experience Daily

As seasoned New Yorkers we have grown quite immune to weird people and bizarre occurrences. They form such a ubiquitous element in the fabric of our daily lives, it would be unusual if you DIDN’T see someone falling asleep on the subway, an unattended child, or someone screaming about the end of the world. Here are 16 awkward moments we’ve all experienced almost daily:

1. A subway rider is subconsciously singing along with their music

Everyone else in the car is totally silent.


2 Someone’s child is wandering around

Uh…are her parents here? Uh…I think that’s probably her dad? That guy sitting on the bench. Is anyone going to ask to make sure?


3. Someone gets on the subway ranting and raving about Judgment Day

You wonder if you might be hallucinating it because literally nobody even acknowledges it.


4. The person who got there after you gets their coffee first

There is no justice in this world.

5. When you run to get the subway and miss it

…and then try to play it cool like you always run to the platform.


6. Wondering whether you should hold the subway door for someone

I kinda feel bad but this car is already crowded enough.


7. Your small get-together turns into a massive party

There are 50 people in my apartment and I know about 10 of them. How do I get them all to leave…


8. On the weekend you run into a co-worker who you don’t really like

Should I say hi? Did she see me? Okay, I think she saw me and she’s not saying hi so….


9. At the bar you run into the friend you told you were too tired to go out

How is impossible to avoid anybody in this city of 8 million people?


10. The doorman turns you away because you wore flip flops

Your friends, who all apparently got the dress code memo, say it’s okay but they’re actually extremely angry at you.


11. You run into your boss on the way to work

So…do we talk to each other on the way? Like how does this work?


12. You fall asleep on the subway and miss your stop

Oh yeah, I was planning to get off at Utica. That was my plan all along…


13. You have a public mini freak-out that you left your phone on the subway

Nobody pay attention to me as I dump out the entire contents of my bag onto the sidewalk.


14. Trying to find the last open bench in the park

You don’t want to seem like you’re trying too hard but you’re making a beeline for that bench because you really need to sit and eat your hotdog.

15. Someone else takes the last open bench in the park

Nope. Guess I’ll just walk away then. And eat my hotdog on the ground.


16. Some stranger falls asleep on you on the subway

We’ve. All. Been there.

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