This 15,000 ft2 Indoor Rock-Climbing Center is Coming to Harlem

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This 15,000 ft2 Indoor Rock-Climbing Center is Coming to Harlem

Harlem will be getting a new, state of the art, 15,000 square foot rock climbing gym next year, here’s everything you need to know.Just in case you weren’t getting all the exercise you need walking your groceries up to your fifth-floor walk-up, or the amazing interval training that is speeding up and slowing down for slow pedestrians, NYC is getting a new rock-climbing gym.

If you’re a New Yorker with a passion for rock climbing, then no doubt you’ve already heard of The Cliffs. They have locations in Long Island City, Westchester, and DUMBO, and now the indoor rock-climbing gym chain is adding a new Harlem location to its roster.

The climbing walls will open across from the Apollo Theater, at West 125th Street, and construction begins this week.

All being well the new rock-climbing-gym is expected to open in the spring of 2018.

It is not yet known how much membership will be, but membership at their Long Island City site can run between $85 and $155 a month.

The new location will be The Cliffs‘ second biggest, boasting a 15,000 square foot interior, mainly dedicated to the climbing walls, but with a smaller fitness area, bathrooms and showers.  More than enough room to get your heart racing!

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