15 Guaranteed Ways To Save Money For The Broke New Yorker

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15 Guaranteed Ways To Save Money For The Broke New Yorker

Saving money is as much of habit as spending it. That sneaky $5 coffee, paying for lunch instead of making it and not refilling a bottle of water, it all adds up. It’s no secret that NYC is expensive, but there are ways to save if you look hard enough. Here are 15 ways you can save a little cash in the city that never sleeps:

1. Don’t spend money on food or drink that you can make at home. If you’re broke there’s no excuse to buy a $5 coffee.

2. Spending $1 a month/week will certainly add up. Grab a discarded Metrocard from the ground to save you the $1 fee to buy a new one. Who care’s if anyone sees you, we’re trying to save money here!

3. Become a thrift store hero. Unleash your inner hipster. By shopping at thrift stores, not only will you save money, but you’ll find some truly unique items.

4. Don’t rack up a gigantic bar tab, instead adopt the ancient art of Pre-gaming. Drinking before you go out, hit the bars when you’re at that tipsy sweet spot.

5. Wardrobe exchange. We feel you, sometimes it’s time for some new clothes, you need to freshen up your look. Why not exchange some clothes with a friend? For sure you have some classy stuff gathering dust you can exchange for something that you would wear more often.

6. Bringing your own water bottle. It’s hardly the cutting edge of economics, refilling a bottle is cheaper than buying a new one.

7. Reward cards. See if any of your go-to locations offer reward/loyalty offers. You might be surprised by the benefits that come with them.

8. Take a closer look at those CVS receipts. The coupons they offer can save you a surprising amount of money.

9. Follow your favorite stores/bands/bars on social media. You’ll be the first to hear about sales or special offers.

10. Frozen food. There’s nothing wrong with frozen food guys, you’ll save a fortune when you are struggling to make it until pay day.

11. Make lunch at home. Why not make a weeks worth? You can make your lunch and freeze it to take into work. How much do you spend on work lunches?

12. Not a fan of pre-gaming? Why not hit up a gallery opening in Chelsea and Soho for free wine and snacks?

13. Don’t throw out old clothes if their in good condition. Sell your old duds at a thrift store. Sure, you won’t become the next Bill Gates, a few bucks profit and extra wardrobe space is worth the effort.

14. Need a hair cut or a new hairstyle? Go to salonapprentice.com.

15. Get the latest info for free and wallet-friendly nights out with FEVER, the event discovery app.

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