12 Hilarious Store Name Puns In New York City

Joshua Saxon Joshua Saxon

Doggystyle NYC

There are two types of business owners in NYC. The first type think of a store name as little more than a simple way for the general public to understand what their business is all about. The others, however, regard it as an opportunity to flex their punning muscles with about as much regard to the consequences as a drunk teenager in a tattoo parlour. This is a celebration of the second group…


1. Mud, Sweat & Tears Pottery

Mud Sweat and Tears NYC
[Animal New York]
Right out of the gate with a classic. This pottery store goes the extra mile to entice you with the Ghost poster in the window. If we ever take up pottery, 90% of the decision will be based on the late great Patrick Swayze’s messy performance.

654 10th Ave


2. Kropps & Bobbers

Kropps and Bobber NYC
[Bowery Boogie]
Not one, but two hairdressing puns got crammed onto this funky storefront.

15 Clinton St


3. A Salt & Battery

A Salt and Battery NYC
[Serious Eats]
This one gets the slow clap. Genius.

112 Greenwich Ave


4. Chopshtix

Chopshtix kosher Chinese restaurant NYC
[Where You Eat]
It’s a kosher Chinese restaurant. Geddit?

2003 Victory Blvd


5. Pita Pan

PitaPan Kebab NYC
[New York Magazine]
Extra points if you knew “pan” is Spanish for bread, bringing the pun full circle.

167 7th Ave


6. City Sliquors

City Sliquors NYC
[Tanks a Lot]
You can tell whoever came up with that was very pleased with themselves. And rightly so.

21-01 Astoria Blvd


7. Groomingdales

Groomingdales NYC
See? It’s like Bloomingdales for dogs!

349 E 82nd St


8. UN Piece Cleaners

UN Piece Cleaners NYC
[NYC Loves NYC]
Just down the street from the United Nations Headquarters. What else were you going to call it?

865 United Nations Plaza


9. Doggystyle

Doggystyle NYC
Tee hee!

73 Thompson St


10. You’ve Got Nail

Youve Got Nail salon Brooklyn NYC
[Bedford & Bowery]
You’ve got more than one, surely. Still, works for us.

574-584 Lorimer St
11. Baguetteaboudit

Baguetteaboudit Brooklyn NYC
Hands down our favourite. Extra points for opting for the “d” instead of a “t” in “about”.

270 Vanderbilt Ave


12. Prints Charming

Prints Charming Brooklyn NYC
See what they did there?

310 4th St


Featured cover image: Yelp

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