12 Best NYC Based Instagrammers of 2017

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12 Best NYC Based Instagrammers of 2017
As we say goodbye to 2017 and welcome in 2018, we’d like to shine a spotlight on the top 12 Instagrammers every New Yorker should be following. Check out the photographers guaranteed to put a smile on any NYers face.

You’ll see a lot of these Instagrammers images featured on our Instagram, and of course, we’d highly recommend you follow them. For us, they are the cream of the NYC-Photographer crop. Enjoy:

First, why aren’t you following Secret NYC on Instagram? Get on that!

#merica ??

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Yshirakata’s unique eye catches snapshots of the city at it’s best. Bursting with color and romanticism, you can feel this photographers love of the city come through every shot he shares. This is definitely an account to follow. 


Jstaffordphotos unveils New York City vibrant-electric heart. Keep an eye out for his long exposure shots, where the mundane traffic turns into amazing light streaks cutting through the city. His shots of the NYC skyline are truly breathtaking too, go check him out.


30three_’s photos look like still frames from an impeccably shot movie. His slightly desaturated style shows the city as the grittily beautiful living and breathing organism. 30three_ really shines when he captures the lights of the city reflected on the city’s streets. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for 2018.


Bursting with color and life, Gigi.NYC’s Instagram profile is a visual diary of New York City at it’s most beautiful.


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curiosity. | #SonyAlpha

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A skateboarder and a phenomenal photographer, Humza Daes takes some of the most spectacular images of the city. If you really love his work you can buy prints for yourself on his website!


This one is adorable. Dad and foodie Mike Chau takes create pictures with his two children and, of course, food! Whether he’s making them a hat from a bitten cookie or just showing how hilarious children can be around food, you’ll be happy to have this one on your feed.


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Mercury is still retrograde for another week or so, in Virgo then heading back into Leo. Looking at the large view of what this retrograde is about, it's maybe reconciling pleasure & enjoyment into our lives in responsible & considerate ways. I've started looking at the zodiac as a whole, with the individual signs as manifestations of certain sections of the whole, at certain times, as needed. But tapping into the whole is important & maybe more real. It's perhaps not as exciting as talking about individual traits & meanings, which can define us in ways that are pleasing to the ego. But do they then separate us further? Maybe instead, we are all the complete zodiac, with certain qualities more enhanced or in focus than others, and if we are one & the same, we can all participate and contribute to the whole using each of our enhanced qualities based on which signs are more prevalent for each of us in our charts. As I move towards this way making more sense to me, I feel like it's not as cute or trendy or appealing as focusing on the signs or planets in their personalities. But what is personality? Isn't it a limiting definition of the ego self? I find myself constantly coming up against things I see & hear that work to limit people to what they have been defined as, and it's always an unnecessary construct, so expansion is possible once that construct is shed. But at the same time, life is made of these constructs, and shedding them has to come along with building new constructs. New structures (Virgo) and new pleasures (Leo). So circling back to the individual signs and their personalities, can we start to see them as a variety of flexible manifestations, available to each of us to use as needed, and as desired, not as strict definitions of the self? And instead to decide for ourselves which of the shifting identities we are today and which we will be tomorrow? Today Mercury retrograde is in the same degree of Virgo that it was a month ago on July 29th. Look at today and the 29th. It's the same and yet not the same. It's you & yet the you of today is changed from the you of the 29th. Venus just entered Leo, Mars is in Leo, Mercury goes back into Leo in 5 days⬇

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An “artist and spiritual advisor,” Rachel Howe already has a following of 32.6 thousand followers. Although she’s technically not an NYC account anymore (since she very recently moved to Los Angeles), she still holds a place on our feed. Regardless of where she’s moved to, we love reading her inspiring messages.


Tattooing between Hawaii and NYC, Becca Roach is one of the cooler Instagrams to be following (assuming you’re into awesome artists and tattoos). She’s also tattooed Lady Gaga on multiple occasions, so that’s pretty cool too.


Another really amazing tattoo artist to follow is Megan Massacre, who works out of her studio Grit N Glory in NYC. You won’t only get tons of pictures of ink when you follow her, but you’ll get a glimpse of her kickass style and rotating hair color as well.


If you live in New York and like to eat, then chances are you’ve heard of the No Leftovers account and are probably already following it. If not, get on it! Jackie Rose Gebel takes these fantastic food photos from where she goes and what she tries. The images will jump start your appetite, easily.


This Instagram has a more Brooklyn vibe to the images (that’s possible, right?) than No Leftovers does, which totally makes sense since Ben Hon lives in Brooklyn. He eats some really amazing stuff and warning: you’re going to want to try every place in his photographs.


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on your mark, get set….🙌🏻 💭

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With a medley of landscape, architecture, and human elements in his images, Sam Horine gives us sharp photographs that display the beauty of natural light and everyday people. His photographs will inspire you to take off on a journey of your own, and you definitely should!

Featured image source @gigi.nyc