Lord and Taylor’s NYC Flagship Will Begin Their Closing Sale This Week

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Lord and Taylor’s NYC Flagship Will Begin Their Closing Sale This Week

After 104 years on Fith Avenue, Lord & Taylor’s flagship store is closing at the end of the year. 

In June the owner of the upscale department store, Hudson Bay Company, announced they would be shutting down the store due to “Lord & Taylor’s increasing focus on its digital opportunity and [Hudson’s Bay’s] commitment to improving profitability.” The 676,000-square-foot store will become a WeWork office space. However, due to the closing you can expect to see major deals through the holiday season beginning this week.

The Fifth Avenue location is launching a massive store closing sale beginning this Thursday that will last through the holidays. The store, which was named a landmark of NYC a decade ago, already has up sale signs in their windows announcing this three-month-long goodbye. As this is the last holiday season you’ll be able to shop at Lord & Taylor’s, expect to see big mark downs on apparel and accessories, but don’t expect elaborate window display.

While most years you can count on the store’s iconic window display that are beautiful and elaborate, this year the shop plans to scale it back from six windows to only two. They plan to dedicate the two displays to thanking New Yorkers for 104 wonderful years.