Over 100K Fans Are Ready For The ‘Stranger Things’ Experience To Hit NYC & SF!

Tickets will go fast!

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Over 100K Fans Are Ready For The ‘Stranger Things’ Experience To Hit NYC & SF!

Tickets are now on sale for NYC’s sci-fi spectacular, ’80s-loving Strangers Things Experience!

And 100,000 fans have already signed up for the waitlist across NYC and San Francisco — so your chance to journey into the Upside Down is going fast!

The brand new immersive experience will transform New York City into Hawkins, Indiana — circa 1985. In a secret NYC location, epic audiovisual sets, supernatural mysteries and pulse-racing encounters will bring the cult TV sensation to life right before your very eyes.

El and the gang will need your help saving Hawkins and will also be your guides (armed with walkie-talkies, headbands and flashlights) — navigating riveting, new interactive narratives developed with the actual show creators!

You’ll walk through iconic sets transporting you to the Upside Down, encounter your favorite characters and experience memorable scenes, and uncover hidden secrets and plenty of thrills in the Hawkins Lab.

The hour-long adventure will allow you to step into the supernatural universe of Stranger Things, riddled with secrets, challenges and obstacles that will unlock your special powers.

And you’re sure to be hungry after all that Mind Flayer-hunting! Grab sundaes at Scoops Ahoy, or beat the latest high scores at the Palace Arcade. Just don’t get too distracted, spies in lab coats and Demogorgons are lurking around every corner…

So what are you waiting for, Strangers?

Get your tickets before it’s too late here!

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Starting May 2022
Beginning at $64
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