10 Ways to Work Out in the City Without Joining a Gym

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

10 Ways to Work Out in the City Without Joining a Gym


Sure joining a gym is expensive. Sure almost every surface in the city is concrete. But you can still get a great workout! No more excuses—here are 10 things you can do in the city to get fit, toned, buff, whatever! Get moving!


1. Run steps

run steps
The key to a better butt. Run steps in your apartment. Run steps in your office building. Run steps in the Statue of Liberty, the World Trade Center, the Empire State Building, etc.


2. Wall sit against a building

wall sit
This one tones your thighs, and you can do it literally anywhere. But beware of wet paint/graffiti.


3. Row a boat in Central Park

You might not be able to find anyone to race you, but you can race to beat your own time. Rowing is a great all-over workout. It hits your arms, back, core and shoulders.


4. Learn to breakdance

Those subway station breakdancers are always ripped.


5. Do pushups on a bench

[Health Warrior]
[Health Warrior]
Perfect pre- or post-run activity. You can face toward the bench to work your pecs, face away from the bench to work your tris, or put your feet on the bench for an extra challenge.


6. Do pull-ups on some scaffolding (make sure it’s sturdy)

[Apex Movement]
[Apex Movement]
Work your biceps on your urban playground. Just be careful not to fall, or break anything.


7. Help a street cart vendor move his cart at the end of the day

[Tony Fischer]
[Tony Fischer]
Those carts are freaking heavy! And some vendors have to move them without a vehicle. Lend a hand, and work your whole body with this weight-hauling challenge.



8. Use your kickboxing skills to beat up a mugger

Jab, cross, hook, uppercut! You’ll get your workout and maybe impress a fellow or a lady.


9. Whatever this guy is doing:

[Mind Body Green]
You do you, man.


10. Play with your roommate’s/partner’s/friend’s dog


Except this time, you don’t just stand there while Fido fetches. It’s a race for the Frisbee.

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