7 Tips For Staying Healthy In NYC

Katherine Ripley Katherine Ripley

7 Tips For Staying Healthy In NYC

Let’s be real: this city can be a real hygiene challenge. The rodent problem can be out of control, we produce more trash than any other city in the world, and we’re constantly breathing in exhaust fumes. We’re all too busy to go to the doctor, and shopping at the organic store is equivalent to putting your paycheck through the shredder.

So how the hell are we supposed to stay healthy? Well, here are 7 tips that might make it feasible:


1. Spend Time With The Trees

Trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, so in a city that’s constantly releasing exhaust fumes, the locations with the freshest air are probably the locations that have the most plant life. Spend some time in the park nearest you and breathe deep.


2. Think Twice Before That $2 Pizza

[Yelp/Joe's Pizza]
[Yelp/Joe’s Pizza]
There is no shortage of $2 slices of pizza in this city. Plain pizza makes a really easy meal for only four bucks, but all that white flower in the dough and saturated fat in the cheese is going to catch up to you. Save pizza for parties or special self-care days.


3. Find Affordable Organics

farmer's market

They do exist. Trader Joe’s has built its whole franchise on offering you basically the same products as Whole Foods but at reasonable prices. If you don’t want to deal with the crowds at Trader Joe’s, farmers markets usually have very inexpensive produce.


4. Cut Down On Meat

Meat is the most expensive item you put in your grocery cart. If you buy less meat, that frees up room in your budget for more healthy grains and produce, so you can feed yourself more food for the same amount of money.


5. Don’t Stay Inside All Day

[Tanel Teemusk/Flickr]
[Tanel Teemusk/Flickr]
The cold temperature does not cause you to catch a cold or the flu. You are more likely to get sick in the winter because you spend more time inside with people carrying germs. Take a walk outside at least once a day, including weekends.


6. Exercise

Exercise lowers blood pressure, keeps your heart healthy, and relieves stress. Looking back at number 5, exercise can also get you outside for half an hour or so each day. Joining a gym is expensive, and it keeps you inside in the germy air. You can go take a run in the fresh air and accomplish 1, 5 and 6 all in one step.


7. Wash Your Hands Frequently

crowded subway

The subway is probably the one place where you are most likely to catch a cold or the flu, because there are so many people packed into close quarters with almost no ventilation. Always wash your hands when you get to work, when you get home, and before you eat. Do not use antibacterial soap because that creates antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Just use plain soap and water.


Cover photo credit: John/Flickr

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