10 Times Broad City’s Abbi and Ilana Were Every Twenty-Something New Yorker

Nora Barnicle Nora Barnicle

10 Times Broad City’s Abbi and Ilana Were Every Twenty-Something New Yorker

Our favorite indestructible gal pals are back for another season…thank the Lord because no one gives us the New York lowdown better than Broad City’s wacky and resourceful protagonists. Here’s a list of relatable shenanigans that will leave you saying “YAS QUEEN.”


1. When they cleaned an adult baby’s apartment in nothing but their underwear for a little extra cash.

2. When Abbi spent months picking out miscellaneous hairs from her gym’s shower drains in order to teach one (unsuccessful) class.

3. When Ilana ignored her shellfish allergy to enjoy a luxurious free meal.



4. When they relived the debauchery of St. Mark’s Place for a nostalgic birthday.

5. When they frequently communicated via video chat because they didn’t feel like travelling between boroughs.


6. When they called out a snooty hipster at Beacon’s Closet for trying to rock a shirt from Forever 21 as vintage.

7. When Abbi kicked down the door of a men’s bathroom stall in a stuffy Soho party because she and Ilana were the “sexiest girls with the fattest asses” in the entire place.

8. When they both hated and loved their crummy roommates at the same time.

9. When they partied with 18-year-olds in a college dorm room just to escape a New York heatwave.

10. When they loved each other unconditionally because there’s nothing better than a best friend who’s got your back in this city.

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