10 Thoughts You Have While Shopping in Whole Foods

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

10 Thoughts You Have While Shopping in Whole Foods

Everyone in NYC loves Whole Foods. If you don’t love Whole Foods, then you probably don’t really live in the city. But we also have a love/hate relationship with the place; it’s crowded, sometimes confusing, and maybe a bit too hipster. We bet these 10 thoughts have passed your mind when shopping at Whole Foods:

1. I just need one thing. I’m just going to get one thing…. Well, maybe I can get a few things….

2. Ooo a sample! Oh, these are delicious, I should buy a box… buuut not at that price.

3. I never knew so many things could be made out of soy.

4. Ugh this is so expensive… but it’s like, healthy for me, right?

giphy (6)

5. Skyr yogurt is the best yogurt because it’s Icelandic. And also, Whole Foods carries it so it must be.

6. Where’s the La Croix? I need some La Croix. Oh my god, there’s way too many flavors of La Croix, how do I pick?!

7. Oh, look at all that wine. Look at all that CHEESE! I won’t cook tonight, I’ll just have cheese and wine. I deserve it.

giphy (7)

8. Oh GOD that line is terrifying. Do I really want to get on this line? Is this worth it?…. Yes.

9. I owe you WHAT?

10. Great… now, how am I getting this all on the subway home?

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