10 Sharks Found Swimming in a Man’s Basement in New York

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10 Sharks Found Swimming in a Man’s Basement in New York

If this guy invited you over for dinner, maybe it was you on the menu. A man was caught with nearly a dozen sharks living in his New York basement. Here’s the full story.

What’s your ideal pet? For some, it may be dog, cat or hamster, for others, apparently “pet” means an 8-foot-long MurderFish (read “shark”). …call me crazy, but I just can’t imagine enjoying a Netflix binge with a hammerhead Shark curled up on my lap.

During the search of a home in Lagrangeville (around 75 miles north of our fair city) on the 23rd of August, Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) officers found seven live sandbar sharks, one dead hammerhead and two dead leopard sharks and in a basement pool.

New York home’s basement contained a 15-foot-diameter pool with the sharks inside, check out the tweet below:

The animals were captured by DEC officers, measured, tagged, then had their blood taken before being transported to the Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead. The aquarium then shared updates on the animals’ condition in a tweet on September 7:

No charges have been formally filed, and the case of the house-sharks remains under investigation.

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