10 LEGO Sets For Adults We Could All Use Right Now

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10 LEGO Sets For Adults We Could All Use Right Now

Build scenes and sets from your favorite films.

For many, LEGOs were the building blocks of childhood. Now, with all that time on your hands, you can indulge in nostalgia with 10 challenging adult LEGO sets that you didn’t know existed. [Featured image courtesy of LEGO.com]

1. NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander ($99.99)

Image courtesy of LEGO.com

Explore the furthest reaches of the Milky Way with this iconic space craft. The NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander is an out-of-this-word LEGO model that features detachable stages, two astronauts, and the famous lunar ladder. While the set includes over 1,000 pieces, construction might be a challenge, but it isn’t exactly rocket science. Or is it?

2. Central Perk ($59.99)

Image courtesy of LEGO.com

You’ve binged-watched the show, now’s the time to binge build it. The Central Perk LEGO set allows you to construct the set of your favorite TV show. The replica includes the famous couch, the coffee counter — manned by Gunther, of course — and a set of big rig TV lights. With the whole cast to boot, you can remake some your favorite Friends scenes in the Central Perk coffee shop. Cue “Smelly Cat.”

3. Hogwarts Castle ($399.99)

Image courtesy of LEGO.com

Go to the first and best home Harry Potter ever knew. Hogwarts Castle is a magical replica that spares no detail — you might hope not with that price. LEGO’s Hogwarts Castle allows you to dine in the Great Hall, enter the Chamber of Secrets, stop by Hagrid’s Hut, elude the treacherous Whomping Willow, and saunter through the castle’s many chambers, classrooms, towers, and more!

4. Taj Majal ($369.99)

Image courtesy of LEGO.com

The Taj Mahal LEGO set is one of the largest LEGO models ever. With nearly 6,000 pieces, you’ll be able to build a replica of one of the “universally admired masterpieces of the world’s heritage.” With intricate detail, this stunning model features modular building of its facades, arches, terraces, and windows. Once complete, the model measures 625 cm wide and 515 cm high!

5. James Bond Aston Martin DB5 ($149.99)

Image courtesy of LEGO.com

Over the years, Special Agent 007 has driven some of the finest automobiles the world has ever seen. Among these was the silver Aston Martin DB5 featured in Goldfinger. This ride is decked out from bumper to bumper, with action-packed features — including an ejector seat, intricate detail, and an authentic, sophisticated presentation, the model could easily be a feature in the office or on the desk at home.

6. The Upside Down ($199.99)

Image courtesy of LEGO.com

As anticipation builds for the fourth and final season of Stranger Things, you can spend your time, well, building. With this unique model, you can fight demogorgons in Hawkins’ real world as wekk as the Upside Down. The set includes all your favorite characters, along with Hopper’s police cruiser, a living room full of luminescent Christmas lights, and Will’s bedroom.

7. Ship in a Bottle ($69.99)

Image courtesy of LEGO.com

If you’ve ever seen the iconic ship-in-a-bottle structure and wondered to yourself, “how tf do they do that?” — You’re not alone. But now, you can get a pretty good idea with LEGO’s nautical model.

8. Imperial Star Destroyer ($699.99)

Image courtesy of LEGO.com

This model is for the Star Wars fanatics. LEGO’s Imperial Star Destroyer is an epic, authentic, deadly replica of the iconic ship from Star Wars: A New Hope. This formidable 4,784-piece model features incredible detail including the famous bridge tower and an attachable Tantive IV rebel starship. Once completed, the model measures out over 390 cm long and 60 cm wide.

9. 1989 Batmobile ($249.99)

Image courtesy of LEGO.com

While Ben Affleck was far-and-above the best Batman cinema has ever seen — kidding, put the knives down — the Batmobile from Tim Burton’s 1989 film might be the most iconic incarnation of the vehicle. LEGO’s Batmobile is souped up with all the bells and whistles, featuring: pop-up machine guns, grappling hooks, and a detailed slide-out cockpit. What more could you want?

10. Steamboat Willie ($89.99)

Image courtesy of LEGO.com

Disney diehards will know that Steamboat Willie was Mickey Mouse’s debut to the world. The model is a time-piece, featured in black and white. Additionally, this sculpture features moving steam pipes, rotating paddle wheels, and a working crane.

featured image source: LEGO

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