The 10 Most Influential New Yorkers on Social Media

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

The 10 Most Influential New Yorkers on Social Media

Ever think to yourself, I could be a social media influencer; it’s easy! Well, you might want to take tips from these 10 NYC influencers who are the hottest thing on social media right now.


1. Humza Deas: Deas is known for taking photos of the city from rare points of view or in areas that are often off limits to most New Yorkers. He’s been doing this for years but blew up when Adidas hired him to show off Yeezys.

2. Eating NYC: Yeah, it’s exactly what you think it is. An entire Instagram account dedicated to all the delicious food of NYC. The ultimate Insta-foodie.


3. Love Taza – A blogger, a mom, and a fashionista, Naomi (also known as Taza) lives the perfect NYC life and has a huge following to show for it.

4. The Stripe – Grace Atwood of The Stripe shows off true NYC fashion on her Instagram and blog.


5. A Spoonful of Benjamin – This home photographer and editor has work with major brands like Elle Decor and Veranda Magazine, and his Instagram account is impeccable. How do we get his job?


6. New Fork City – Want more food? OK, we got you. New For City has a more artistic vibe on the New York food scene, but will still make you as hungry as anything else!


7. 13th Witness – Let’s be real, there’s always a bit of pretentiousness in NYC photography, but if you want the most unique urban shots, 13th Witness in the man you need to follow.


8. Best Food NY – When you can’t choose just one foodie Instagram account to follow, you head here. They regram all of the best images that come along from NYC culinary enthusiasts, so you can see everything in one place.


9. Last Suspect – You might think NYC could be nothing close to a dreamy landscape, but Last Suspect shows a different, fantastical side of the city with is photography.


10. Man Repeller – Man Repeller might be one of the biggest fashion blogs in the world, let alone in NYC. But founder Leandra Medine in an NYC native and often is spotted out and about, taking shots for her Instagram.

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